Love at first site??? Possible….

As women we all watch the love story movies or read the stories about the man who saw the women from across the room and thought to himself “shes the one.” However in reality conflicting with todays generation i often wonder, is it possible love at first site exists? Talking with many different people and gaining knowledge of their very own experiences ive heard it all, everything from ” i fell in love instantly” to ” we knew eachother twenty years before i ever gained any emotional feelings.” Everyone has their own experience everyone has their stories, but how much is true with these movies and books version of a love story… Does old fashioned true passionate love still exist? I met a man who once told me, he reconnected with his high school crush and met her for a walk at their towns famous bridge. He tells the story with the emphasis on the moment he saw her walk toward him. Mind you this was their first time seeing each other since high school but he says that that moment was all it took. While she walked into the arms of an old friend he wrapped his arms around the women he would marry. So in the end love at first, its a possibility.



So the world aas suppose to end today, 12/21/12. However we are all as far as i know still here. I truely believe in many things ive read about the mayans and their predictions however ill be honest i didnt believe that today was the end, turns out gut instinct was right ( for the first time)! I heard about all thess people who took out loans, went underground, bought up everything they thought they would need to survive if they made it….and all thats happened in my town is snow. Snow here, every few years never sticks and more irritating and wet then any fun. So were ths mayans off by a  few yeads by a thousand years or are humans granted the earth forever? I believe in much greater things then this world has to offer…so i continue to wonder when will be the end? And pray im not here to whitness it! Ive recently heard more calenders were found that date up to 2017, so i guess we are safe for a few more years:)


How to find the right guy? Isn’t this the question all single women are asking…We think we know what we want, what we need, we think…! Then that person walks into your life when least expected, they have what you think are all the things on your list, only to eventually learn that all those things are lies. You begin to wonder, is your list too detailed, are you too critical, are you simply nitpicking, is your list a list that is simply unattainable for any person to live up to, are you dreaming of the perfect man from all those hallmark movies that just doesn’t exist??? After throwing your list aside for the lust you feel, you always wonder…was that guy I bumped into at Starbucks the one and your not available to even find out? The life of ladies out there searching, does it ever end? We write lists for a reason, simply because of all the trial runs we’ve had before that didn’t pan out. So ladies, don’t give up your lists, if the man doesn’t fit continuing fishing!


God is being taken out of everything in our nation. We are a society that is allowing this to happen. We need to take a stand and honor God, and our rights to believe in such. The NRA is not a violent club, nor do they promote violence. Guns are not killing people, people are killing people. The government needs to stop pointing fingers and stop taking away our constitutional rights and the right to hold the hand of our true father. This is our generation, to all you parents out there take a moment to look into the future…and what our children are faced with. We are scared to send our children to school we are scared that at any moment another terrorist attack will happen on our soil, evil is taking over and as a nation built on the belief in God we need to remember what he stands for.


Of course being in the “Lust and Love” category you can imagine where this leads. When in a relationship, and fault takes place…as women we tend to surrender to the apologies. The words when sounding sincere seem to captivate our better judgment. When the same scenario happens again, we then ask ourselves “how could this happen to me?” Well Hello!, women its time to stand up and learn to say, to the left! However then as inner feelers as we are, we re-examine the situation and begin the “what ifs.” This is the worst. All the fantasies about what could have been, though we often forget that what could have been “wasnt” because of what he did. So in a relationship and dealing with a first offense…do we forgive, or forget? Comments welcome:)